What are Archives?

Among the first things you definitely need to know is that this was born to be a critique site by developers.

We are two active developers of horror narrative video games and through the Ludi Tarantula Archives we intend to give a voice to our team: this involves a particular irregularity in the release of articles unless we enter a certain production season.  In particular, what we are dealing with in 2021 is one of the last that we have planned, concluded this articles could be released more randomly with relative announcements on the release via social media.

There are generally two large sections in which the site is divided: Ludi Tarantula Insights and criticism on the current of Rpg Horror.

Ludi Tarantula Insights – Articles on the domestic production

“The norm is adaptation, originality is the exception”.

This is a phrase that I pilfered during a Cinema History lesson, my teacher was reflecting in particular on the film adaptations of literary works: while the original intent was talking about the impossibility of creating a 100% original product we’ll use it to best boast our sources of inspiration. Anyone who has previously visited this site will surely have noticed the change in the description of this section; in fact the first articles that were published on the subject of “Insights” were very approximate and with a weak content, justified with the excuse of “wanting only to renew the admiration that certain works deserve”. To best realize this intention we will first focus only on what were only the main sources of inspiration of our titles, these are mainly narrative works. To this category of articles will be added in the future further topics and themes that will be closely linked to what the imaginary of the Ludi Tarantula project and the Tarantula Puppet Saga wants to be, especially when it will be released in due time the article on Tarantism, a curious phenomenon studied by the anthropologist Ernesto De Martino.

Criticims on RPG Horror Current

This second section is currently the richest component of the site. As already mentioned in the introduction to the column “Back To The Future” it could be controversial that in a free environment such as that of production independent of videogames two producers self-proclaim themselves as critics.

In fact, we do not want to say that everything you find written on this site must be considered true or right in its absoluteness . We do not have this claim.
Instead, the goal we aspire to through this game critique site is to entice our readers to contextualize the creative works they experience and to develop objectivity in their judgments . The truth is not an absolute certainty, but by schematizing the main components of a work in the best possible way, it is possible to find common characteristics in the opinions of people who consume them.

The Ludi Tarantula Archives has been an important source of growth for us as developers in these two years. Doing research and analysis has forced us to constantly compare ourselves with other production companies that more often than not has prompted us to revise our own work currently in production and continue to improve.

There are currently two main subsections on this topic:

  • Reviews on the most current titles that we think deserve special consideration;
  • Specials. In particular Back To The Future is a column that attempts to trace a history of the current Horror RPG; while Tin Coffe Pot Time is a column with a more flexible form focused on discussing in-depth topics related to the current context.

This is what you need to know, we wish you a good reading, enjoy!

-PaoGun, the annoying snake